25.09.2016 // Outfit

Endlich bin ich aus dem Urlaub zurück und kann euch all die Outfits zeigen, die ich vor dem Urlaub fotografiert habe. Eigentlich wollte ich sie nach und nach posten, allerdings bin ich unterwegs nicht dazu gekommen und deshalb wartet ab jetzt eine Welle Sommeroutfits auf euch. Denn ich habe natürlich auch in den Urlauben fotografiert was ich getragen habe. Alles simple Outfits, die ich aber trotzdem mag, den im Sommer geht es für mich darum nicht lange vor dem Kleiderschrank zu stehen, sondern raus an die frische Luft zu kommen und die Sonne zu genießen. 

Finally I'm back from all my travels I did. Now, I can show you all the outfits I shoot that I actually wanted to show you while I was aways. But somehow I didn't manage to and now you get tons of summery outfit posts. Most of them are really simple because I don't want to spent a lot of time in front of my closet: I just want to go outside and enjoy the sun.  

25.08.2016 // Julbox

This is so exciting! I was able to design my own jewelry! And it’s so easy. You have endless possibilities to choose from and can design whatever you want. Julbox makes it all work.
I have created four different items: two necklaces, a bracelet and a pair of earrings. As I love very delicate jewelry I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. On the one hand I chose some geometric pattern but I also wanted to have some items inspired by the nature. 

My favorite piece is definitely the silver necklace, it’s perfect for every occasion and that’s the most important thing for me when I get some new jewelry. Plus it’s silver plated so the color will not vanish after a while. What do you think of my creations? Which one is your favorite? You can check out my collection here!