25.08.2016 // Julbox

This is so exciting! I was able to design my own jewelry! And it’s so easy. You have endless possibilities to choose from and can design whatever you want. Julbox makes it all work.
I have created four different items: two necklaces, a bracelet and a pair of earrings. As I love very delicate jewelry I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. On the one hand I chose some geometric pattern but I also wanted to have some items inspired by the nature. 

My favorite piece is definitely the silver necklace, it’s perfect for every occasion and that’s the most important thing for me when I get some new jewelry. Plus it’s silver plated so the color will not vanish after a while. What do you think of my creations? Which one is your favorite? You can check out my collection here!

14.08.2016 // Outfit

Ich habe dieses Shirt bei Asos im Sale gefunden. Es kostete nur noch 17 Euro und ich musste es unbedingt haben. Ich liebe Streifen, egal wo und in welcher Form. Sie sind einfach etwas, was so universell zu kombinieren ist und meistens perfekt passt. Und in Rot hatte ich noch keine Streifen, also brauchte ich es praktisch für meinen Seelenfrieden. 

I found this shirt in the Asos sale one month ago. It only was like 17 Euro and I had to buy it. I love stripes in every way and combination. They are perfect for nearly any occasion and you can combine them with everything. And I didn't have a red striped shirt, so I needed this to be happy in my life. 

06.08.2016 // Recap of the last Months

Getan: So viel ist in den letzten Monaten geschehen. Wir waren in Berlin, haben viel gelernt, sind nach Tirol gefahren und ich hatte Geburtstag. Der Sommer ist immer besonders stressig und geht so unglaublich schnell herum. Ich kann es gar nicht fassen, dass schon August ist.

What I've done: So much happened the last months. We were in Berlin, studied for uni, were in Tyrol for a day and I had birthday. Summer always runs by so fast, it's unbelievable. It's so strange that it's already August, most of the summer is over now.